Saturday, June 27, 2009


Don't understand why would demons possess weak human being if they want to show vengeance to god or to take over the world... And all they do with the possesed humans is scream, cry, yell in different languages and voices... What's the purpose? What do they want by doing that? Conquer the world? I dunno why don't they just possess Obama/Clinton/Osama/Hussien? Start apocalypse by possessing a bunch of wild angry oxes/tigers/lions/elephants will also do the job nicely.

Demons are useless: they succumb when a priest yells "I command you in the name of god". Yea, a demon is supposed to be scared of that. I think that kind of yelling from Mom stopped working on me when I was older then 8 or 9. A demon, who's supposed to be more powerful than I am, is scared of that? Beats me. Not only they are useless, they are stupid - why not just kill the exorcist immediately whilst waiting to be spritzed with holy water?

I believe a lot of unanswered phenomenas are the result of our brain and evolution. Some people's brains are better and some aren't. Some short-circuit more easily, some are smarter. Stop thinking we're so special - we're just apes with lots of Nairs used to wax off our hair.


WinWin said...

PS I think we're special....we have brains, and we have the ability to love ....

WinWin said...

PPS Demons possess humans as a revenge because humans are created by God. Think...control


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