Sunday, February 10, 2008


Lately this video has been released to the public. It's made quite a stir. The Japanese was polled and it was revealed that 2/3 of the country supported whaling and more than half of them wouldn't mind seeing whale meat on the menu.

I'm not sure if this video shows the one that I have seen on TV, where, very clearly, it was a large and a smaller whale. It was said that they were mother and calf. This brings tears to my eyes. I feel very sad for the whales. Looking at the gushing blood and weakening flapping, I hope that releases toxin into the meat and poison the eaters!

It seems that while we say that we are to be open-minded, when others criticise national practice or religious activities, they are faced with walls as thick as the Great Wall. Like my Mom always says, when people are telling you something that you might wanna review, it means that you're probably doing something that needs changed.

I remember in either 2004 or 2005, I vowed not to have shark fin ever. So far, I have kept my words. It was because of an advertisement I saw on TV that called for protecting these animals. Since then, at every Chinese wedding dinner or social function, I say no to shark fin, whether the fins are genuine or fake.

There's so much other food that we can eat. Monkey brain, foetus (yes, some fanatical Chinese believe that they are good for skin), shark fin, whales, snakes, pangolin, tortoises, dolphins etc... Mom said that people in the past might not have access to food as we do now. And as we do have access to other food now, I hope people can leave those poor animals alone.

So did you have shark fin this Chinese New Year?

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