Tuesday, February 05, 2008

CNY 2oo8

First time ever that I'm not celebrating Chinese New Year at home with my family. It's started to get to me.

TT said that he missed me. Mom said that too. I'm missing them too. The reunion dinna is gonna be so different this year. I'm sure Mom will get emotional tomorrow night. Even if we could do a video conference it wouldn't feel the same. The big house is gonna be so lonely and quiet without my yelling and ordering people around.

I was trying to sound cold and controlled when I was on the phone with her just now. Instead she was the one that encouraged me to keep my hopes up and continue looking for a job. And we could all be together again soon, she said. I sensed that she was aching too at the other end of the phone.

And to all my hometown friends - for all those years that I said I wouldn't be the organiser for all our gatherings - it will finally come true this year. However I'm sure someone will carry on the tradition. BHC, CPM, CSS, LHW, LGN, LSS, PKH & WEP and others - you're on your own this year suckers!

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