Saturday, November 03, 2007

it's called "Mother"

Who would you think of when you fell sick? You know, in between rushing to the toilet with one hand covering one's mouth and another on one's twitching tummy or the hind door; or you know, burning at 39C...

I would think of my mother. Mother would always come to rescue when I was sick. I was always a sick kid. And Mommy would always be there, opposite to Dad who used to think that I should be not take too much western medicines. She would sat by me, changing the wet cloth on my forehead. She would sat by me, feeing me spoons of water or congee. She would stand by me, patting my back as I threw up. She would be awake several times at night, to check up upon me if I was OK and to get me to take the medicine.

I remember when I first living on my own and I was sick - I couldn't stop crying when I spoke to her over the phone. I thought about the things she had done for me, not just when I was sick. As I grow older and more apart from her (and Dad), and as I become more able, these things kind of fade away. But remembering them, it feels like they just happened yesterday. It's called heart prints.

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