Thursday, June 14, 2007

Alfred is not happy

I had been so excited about tonight's business-class flight back to KL up to the custom check point at Melbourne Airport. My 2 bottle of Shiseido cleansing foam and scrub were confiscated due to them being more than 125ml!!!

The good side is that luckily the rest of them were safe. I got weak knees (not the good kind) after the whole Oh-my-shiseido-are-expensive-stuff and I-don't-give-a-damn dramas. I should not have been ignorant just because they were cosmestics.

Like my grandma used to tell my dad - when you fall down, grab a handful of sand when you get back up. So I gathered the following rules with regards to liquid & gel on board:
1. Each container must be less than 100ml. Anything bigger will not b allowed.
2. The custom officer will put all the less-than-100ml containers in a zip-lock bag (probably about 10cm x 8cm)
3. For those that are less than 100ml but can't fit into the one bag - SORRY.
P/S: medication may be allowed.

I really should feed those terrorist with my Shiseido cleansing foam so that they know the taste.

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