Sunday, May 20, 2007

A not-so-simple life

I believe human are just the same as the next cow or chicken or lion or eagle. Some people would kill me if I told them that they were just creatures as a pig or dog. Why not? If a pig or a dog was indeed created, by logic (which those people refuse to use in this topic), human should be creatures.

And there's nothing to fear about death. The energy we contain will just be transformed into other forms and usages. If every human needed a place in heaven, I believe the chicken I just ate should too. And can you just imagine how packed some place would be? And the other place would be chicken-less as they hadn't really sinned had they? A poor chicken couldn't have sinned so much as the only thing that it had been forced to do was to feed! Can you imagine that after all the chicken die, they will go up too? If this world and everything in it was created by someone, I believe first and foremost that a chicken deserves as much as the next human to secure a place up there after it dies.

My point is - human isn't that special above all other creatures to be treated differently. We live in the circle of life. A C-I-R-C-L-E, not a 3-storey apartment!

In an exam, we are often asked about reasons and proof. We are taught to question. But not everything, according to them. If they told you someone died and taken by angels to the first floor, you shouldn't ask to see the stairs or elevator. You should just have faith, as you wanna believe that you'll too, one day when you die, you'll be uplifted.

And for this arrogance and ignorance about life, which an elephant does much better than human, we wrap the fear with control. If you don't listen to me, if someone changes sex, if someone has sex with a member of the same sex...they will be shunned off the first floor of the apartment and sent to the basement. What amazes me the most is that - the use of condom is prohibited - how did they know about the existence of the rubber ten thousand years ago? Did they use some leaves to achieve the purpose?

Same-sex activities are banned by them. Killing is glorified. You just have to pray and confess, the guilt and sin will be written off, just like an obsolete depreciated asset. However, changing the earth isn't punished. Extracting oil from the earth invites no comment from them. Foresting is used to build so many architectures and sculptures. So are stones. How dare we change the earth? How could we change and destroy the things that are divine-created? And all these go unpunished? Releasing tonnes of carbon into the air and messing with the climate - are these mentioned in the books scribbled down ten thousand years ago?

There are also people who cannot stand how women dress. And that's all the conversations are directed to. It always has to be how women dress. They aren't even allowed to put on make up. Because that'll invite them to be raped. Again this is about control. Control your women. Put some clothes on them. Otherwise they'll be raped and give birth to OUR children.

So that's my theory: we didn't know about death, we didn't understand evolution, we were fear to die, we thought that we were superior to all other livings on earth. And from the fear, some who knew how fear worked, took control.

We do know better now. However, these ideas have been long forced onto minds since young, who are threatened and frightened. Can we change and look at everything we have done? I regret being a human - the species on earth that's done nothing good to the environment. Yet we glorify our existence and pride ourselves with our so called achievements.

Open your mind - is there a ray of light in your mind that tells you something else than what you believe in?

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