Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sums Up Pretty Much What I Feel Myself

I am taking this from Lucas, who left a comment on Bloggers and Sisters

There was once a great show called B&S,

Who had characters and stories of interest,
Then S3 came along, 
And even smoking a bong,
Didn't help make sense of this awful mess.

Our favourite, a lawyer named Kevin,
He loves Scotty, who's perfect without sin,
But Kevin left his job, 
To work for Robert the knob,
And his spirit was thrown in the bin.

Kevin had a sis named Kitty,
Who hardly used to wallow in pity,
Then she married a senator,
Whose ambitions wore thin on her,
Now they're both annoying and shitty.

Kitty had a bro named Justin,
Adorable with a cute dorky grin,
He overcame his addiction,
But had another affliction,
Dating a girl who was once his own kin.

Sister Sarah is bright and jolly,
Back to Ojai she goes for more folly,
She deserves a soulmate,
But right now on her plate,
Is Ryan and a tart named Holly.

Tommy Walker was always the dull son,
Then he turned into Schmuck No. 1,
Committed a crime, 
But didn't want to do time, 
So now he basks in the Mexican sun.

These kids' father was William Walker,
Who was an embezzling philanderer,
He was screwing Holly,
And suicidal Connie,
Thus spawned a creepy stalker.

William was married to Nora,
She was just like everyone's mama,
But now she's become, 
A mere parody of mom,
A real shame 'cos Sally deserves betta'.

And finally there's gay old Saul,
A wise brother and uncle to all,
He was once dating Henry,
But they threw out this story,
For a plotline that means sweet f**k all.

I tried to endure it but Season 3 of Brothers & Sisters was a big disappointment. There was only one memorable episode, Just A Sliver, where Kevin Walker sliced a piece of his liver for his niece, who's also his biological daughter. Other than that, the writers gave us contrived, unbelievable, illogical, discontinued and unjustified storylines for the rest of the season. Our beloved characters have been mauled and killed mercilessly. Perhaps I was watching a spin-off called Lost/B&S.

Many of the fans are mad because seasons 1 and 2 were just amazing and so loveable. Season 3 started to fail when the writers tried to maintain Rebecca on the show, by introducing a new pale teen vampire, Ryan. Since then, the show was buried way below six feet under. Tommy Walker and Robert MacCallister are also the two characters who are most disliked. Now we are rid of Tommy but can someone please also kill the Senator? I don't understand why Nora Walker, Kevin Walker, Sarah Walker, Saul Holden and Scotty Wandell had to be sacrificed to make way for unimportant supporting characters. What more, the most controversial and most hated character of all, Ryan Laferty, sucked the daylight out of the Walkers.

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